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Today I'll share with you a quick story about lunch
with a millionaire. 
The founder of the 'free lead system' once had lunch
with a millionaire (let's call him Greg because he obviously
would rather remain private)...  and while he was eating,
Greg said, "You know Michael, it only takes 2 things to
generate a lot more sales!"
Needless to say, Michael stopped chewing, put down his
fork ... quickly gulped down his food and asked ...
"What would those 2 things be?" He figured he could easily

learn 2 things.
Greg said, "You need a lot more exposure, because with all
else being equal, the more exposure you have to your product,
the more sales you'll make."

Now that's not rocket science, but I like the simplicity of it ...
More Exposure = More Sales (all things being equal).
"OK Greg ... so what's the 2nd thing required to make a lot
more sales?" Michael asked.
Greg smiled and paused ... "Well, it's really quite simple ...
so simple you don't want to miss this"...

Michael waited anxiously ... and Greg continued ...
"The more effective you are with your exposure, the more
sales you'll make (all else being equal)."
Again, Michael didn't need to be a rocket scientist to agree ...
"This makes absolute sense!"

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